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Empowering Change: Mobilizing Volunteers to Transform Lives -

Be the Change You Wish to See - A Strategic Blueprint for Engaging Communities in Serving the Homeless and Underserved – The “Call to Volunteer” Program:

I am here for you!

Please listen 2 the 2 songs I created 2 lift YOUR spirit & also let me know your choice of song titles you would like me 2 create 4 you:

Elara’s Song – “Love’s Gentle Refrain”:


The Fellowship of Dreams (TFOD) – The Theme Song of TFOD – aka “Love’s Gentle Refrain”:

What's keeping you up at night?

Do you want an actionable solution to your major pain point?

Not attracting enough qualified clients to your online business?

Is your online business not getting found, not noticed, or suffering from little or no brand awareness?


If so, you’ve come to the right place to get connected to your dedicated strategist that will deliver seamless digital marketing strategies that will separate your business from “the herd”!


Contact me using my Chat Bot, or email me today, so we can schedule a call to “rock and roll”:


My direct email – don’t delay another minute to get our conversation started:




My innovative digital marketing strategies will ensure your business will be validated by your existing customers and discovered by new ones!


So what?

So, check out my YouTube podcast channel to see how some of my innovative digital marketing strategies can work for you, starting today!

Check out my YouTube podcast video to learn all about how I can help you

solve your major pain point of not getting enough qualified leads:

After you have checked out my YouTube podcast channel, may I hear from you soon?   


Contact me today using my Chat bot (at bottom left) or email me at:

Explode your Lead Generation Campaigns by  -


embedding YOUR OWN Lead Generation Chatbot in YOUR WESBSITE TODAY!


  I can create a Lead Generation chatbot for ANY business-


  to be  embedded in YOUR website!--


Check out my Botpress MVP  Real Estate Lead Generation chatbot –


and then compare it to what we can do for you - using the Chatbase chatbot software -

Full Disclosure - This is NOT the InsightNexus chatbot!  It is a MVP chatbot  - for you to compare "the also ran" chatbot to the premium InsightNexus chatbot that we offer you to make your website sizzle -

   I   welcome your feedback  - 

Let's hop on a call today and get you the qualified leads you need for your business!

Patrick O’Connell

Patrick O’Connell Consultants

Albuquerque, NM – USA


Go to our Youtube channel to learn how to make your website sizzle -


Are you ready to elevate your marketing campaign –

 to get more qualified leads and to engage with prospective clients?

I hear you “loud and clear” – and can help you address your major pain point of getting qualified leads!

Check out my Premium Chatbot service -  for ANY business - using Chatbase!


You WILL enjoy these awesome value propositions:


  •  Personalized Customer Experience

  •  24/7 Customer Support

  •  Cost Efficiency

  •  Data – Driven  Insights - based on your company’s needs and data

  • Sales and Lead Generation

  • Scalablity

  • Internal Communications


Online businesses that would benefit greatly from having a custom Chatbase chabot - trained on their own data – include:

  •  E-commerce Stores

  • Online Marketplaces

  • SaaS Companies

  • Online Travel Agencies

  • Online Education Platforms

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Online Banking and Financial Services

  • News and Media Websites

  • Food Delivery Services

  • Real Estate Platforms

  • And More!

I have used the Chatbase chatbot software to create my InsightNexus chatbots - Check out the Chatbase website to see what I can do for you - today: –



Elevate Your Customer Experience with InsightNexus - Your Intelligent Chatbot Solution

The InsightNexus Chatbot – The Chatbot that other online business websites wish they had!


Today, I'm excited to introduce InsightNexus, our latest innovation that promises to redefine your customer engagement.

**Introducing InsightNexus - Only $129/mo**

InsightNexus is more than just a chatbot - 


it's a strategic partner that understands your brand and communicates with your customers as you would.

Here's what sets InsightNexus apart:

1. **Content-Driven Intelligence**: Trained with content from your website, InsightNexus speaks your brand's language, providing personalized and relevant interactions.

2. **Monthly Updates**: We ensure that InsightNexus stays current with your latest offerings by providing monthly updates, reflecting your evolving business landscape.

3. **Astute Support**: InsightNexus offers insightful and context-aware responses, leading to more engaging and satisfying customer interactions.

4. **Affordable Excellence**: At just $129 per month, InsightNexus offers an unparalleled return on investment, acting as a full-time support representative without the associated costs.

5. **Seamless Integration**: InsightNexus is designed for easy integration into your existing website, requiring no technical expertise on your part.

**Why Choose Us?**

With extensive experience in AI and customer engagement, we are committed to delivering solutions that resonate with the unique needs of small businesses.


InsightNexus is not merely a tool; it's a reflection of our dedication to helping you connect meaningfully with your customers.

**Next Steps**

I would be delighted to discuss how InsightNexus can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Could we schedule a brief call at your convenience?


Please email me today with your availability, or call me directly at [505 717 1748 between 10am Mountain Time MT) – 4 pm MT, Monday – Friday!.

Thank you for considering InsightNexus!

 I look forward to the opportunity to assist you in enhancing your customer engagement and growing your business.

Best Regards,
Patrick Oconnell 
Patrick Oconnell Consultants  email:

Or  Contact me through my website:

InsightNexus is your opportunity to provide a more astute and personalized experience for your website visitors. 

Let's connect soon and transform your customer engagement!


Don't wait - Let us create your very own InsightNexus chatbot TODAY!


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