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Limited Time Offer- Grab our BOGO- Get 2 Voice-overs For The Price of One!

Only pay AFTER you are satisfied with you AI generated voice -over - Get 2 of them for the price of 1 ! Use coupon code: "BOGO2for1"

Normally you would pay $90 USD for 1 voice-over- but for a limited time- you can get 2 of them for the price of 1 - read on for more detalis.

Details on our awesome "Your Awesome Voice-over"!

This is a transcript from our YouTube podcast concernig our awesome "Your Awesome Voice-over" product!

Patrick here, your very own personal, “Your Awesome Voice-over” coach!

Are you still trying to crack the code?

And figure out how certain people seem to effortlessly find,

· the perfect customers for their business?

· but find yourself overwhelmed?

Our AI Voice-over product may be just the thing you need!

To increase your reach and brand awareness!

Introducing, our amazing AI voice-over product, called,

“Your Awesome Voice-over”!

What if “Your Awesome Voice-over”, could help you crush your goals?

Our AI voice-over product may be just what you need,

To quickly and predictably, find the perfect customers for your business,

So you can turn potential customers, into long-term happy clients!

That will come back again, and again, to purchase your products and services!

You can:

Check out:

Our “One Page Perfect Avatar Cheatsheet” -

on our YouTube podcast - in which we explain this information - with our Power Point slides:

By way of explanation, “Avatar” is another word for your audience!

Or, your potential customers!

Check out the proven results that we have refined,

From what others have found, “that works”,

To what we now offer to you, and other business owners, that struggle with these voice-over challenges”:

· Overwhelmed by expensive and complicated voice-over software,

· Burnt out by trying to create native language voice-overs, and,

· Frustrated by spending a ton of time on creating in-house voice-overs.


we have outlined the 3 struggles, that you and other business owners typically face,

in creating voice-overs.

3 typical reasons why most business owners fail to attract clients,

By use of voice-over software:

· Software is expensive and complicated,

· Overwhelmed by creating in-house voice-overs,

· Stressed and frustrated by spending tons of time creating voice-overs!

Your Awesome Voice-over:

Your use of “Your Awesome Voice-over” – can potentially help you,

· Achiever your leads goals,

· Find the perfect customer, for your product, and

· Attract long-term clients!

What you need to know:

I typically deliver the completed AI voice-over, in about 48 hours!

So what?

What I need from you:

A printed word document, with the transcript, of what you want my AI software to create, in the voice-over!

I need you to clearly share with me, your requirements,

In response to the following questions:

Do you want a male or female voice?

What language do you want the voice-over in?

Do you want English or some other native language, - which one?

Do you want me to include a video with the voice-over?

Do you want me to use your video or my video clips?

Check out my sample voice-overs with videos, on my YouTube playlist here:

Do you want me to include my background music?

Do you have your own background music you want me to use

Again – my YouTube voice-over samples, provide you with an idea of what I can do in providing background music!

What I can do for you,

· Typically, 48 hour turn-around time.

· Payment of USD $90 due only AFTER you are completely satisfied!

· Payment processors that I use: Stripe or Pay pal preferred.

· I can make up to 3 modifications or updates, and corrections prior to payment

· – You must be completely satisfied prior to payment!

· If I cannot satisfy you – no payment is due,

· I want only satisfied customers!

· My fee covers a voice-over for up to 20 minutes,

· – I may have to break up the voice-over into multiple segments,

· Depending on what my software (Speechelo) can handle).

· Typically, I can create voice-overs in all major native languages on the planet.

· You can sample my AI simulation of my wife, Stephanie, on her weekly “Patrick and Stephanie Show” podcasts that focus on the trend of the S&P 500 index, for the upcoming trading week!

· I have a podcast, that I create every Monday and Friday,


· Using AI, – that features topics, that pertain to how to raise your brand awareness!

Check out our “Patrick and Stephanie Show” YouTube channel at this URL:

You can sample the quality of our AI voice-overs by viewing our podcasts!


Don’t Delay:

If you want to get crystal clear on having your own, “Your Awesome Voice-over” product, to help you achieve your leads goals, then book your free call at :

or, contact me through my chatbot on my website at the URL above!

Again- use coupon code "BOGO2for1" to take advantage of our get two voice-overs for the price of one!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

Patrick OConnell

Albuquerque, NM - USA

Remember to check out our YouTube podcast in which we explain this information - with our Power Point slides:

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