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What Is An Active Shooter Kit?

By focusing on the armor aspect, the more advanced Active Shooter platform or response kit allows an officer to quickly put the plate on their existing concealed vest and instantly increase their defense when a dangerous situation escalates. The license plate holder is the backbone of an active response kit for shooters as it provides armor capabilities that deal with the threat posed by rifle and powerful firearms commonly used. [Sources: 27]

The tactical vest / armor can carry spare carbine magazines and other gear in bags added to the MOLLE stripes. These elastic magazine covers securely hold a 30-round M4 magazine or a 20-round 7.62mm magazine for the Marksman special rifle. [Sources: 11]

Prepare for the worst event you can imagine and then pray that that day never comes. Do not prepare yourself and do not try to respond with insufficient preparation and equipment, because you have lived in denial, it will haunt you. [Sources: 11]

ORI cannot guarantee anyone's safety, but we can offer options to help you survive an emergency. This kit can be found in a car, office, or any other facility that could be at high risk. [Sources: 24, 25]

The Hydra license plate holder is a great choice for anyone looking for lightweight and versatile armor. For full protection, please add your own hardboard or purchase the Shellback Prevail series. BPI-Active Shooter Response Kits offer a variety of options, such as adjustable headbands, board pockets that can accommodate soft ballistic inserts, hard armor plates, and side panels. Bullet protection: The active shooting response kit includes an innovative mount that provides excellent protection, flexibility, and light comfort, and has the highest rifle protection on the market. [Sources: 6, 14, 27]

The Active Shooter Defense Kit is a lightweight, handy and convenient defense at hand that can be deployed quickly. The single-fold design and a shooting cut allow users to more comfortably wear this vest when using a variety of firearms. NIJ certification extends to AR550 Shooters and Swimmers Cut Single Curve Full Coat. This active shooter kit is designed for the quick response and comfortable operation with rifle protection level III + above. [Sources: 0, 6]

The Basic Tactical + First Aid kit also contains essential first aid components. Small first aid items are packed in bags and labeled with bandages, gauze, and antiseptics, all packed in zippered bags so they are easier to find and use when needed. A school first aid kit for active shooters includes first aid and essentials for use during tragedies or in active shooter situations. The TacMed (tm) ARK (tm) Active Shooter Response Kit provides active shooter responders with the equipment they need to deal with injuries and initiate the evacuation of multiple casualties. [Sources: 5, 10, 17]

TacMed Warm Zone / School Resource Officer (WZ / SRO ARK) TacMed (tm) Warm Zone / School Resource Officer (WZ / SRO ARK) is designed to meet the needs of a medical rescuer or SRO providing assistance in a hot zone. ARK Victim Starter Kits (tm) contain essential healing materials and simple bilingual instructions for initial treatment. [Sources: 9, 10]

By controlling life-threatening bleeding and positioning the victim to maintain an airway, the Active Shooter First Aid Trauma Kit allows rescuers to save significant time on rescue operations. Med Mag Compact Kits can also be used as starter kits when patient access is limited. Once opened, launch kits can be thrown to other rescuers and even bystanders thanks to the bilingual, timely injury instructions found inside. [Sources: 2, 7, 9]

Similar competitor emergency kits will be packed with supplies that will never be used. The kit was developed with input from special forces officers, combat veterans, ambulances and emergency response specialists. The Bleed Aid (tm) kit includes the new S.T.A.T. fast, simple and effective. [Sources: 3, 16, 21]

Best suited for our short cut shooters and swimmers cut from AR500 and AR550 armor. So my vest is equipped to carry two 30-round M4 magazines or two 7.62mm P-type magazines for my AR10 rifle designated Marksman. [Sources: 6, 11]

Agencies must be able to protect their vests with rigid armor plates classified as rifle (Level III or Level IV NIJ) to deal with this type of threat. However, the Soft Armor Invisibility Vest will not protect against rifle threats. Tier IV plates provide protection against high velocity rifle ammunition up to armor-piercing shells. [Sources: 19, 27]

Tier III and IV bulletproof armor (rifle plates) are subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Arms Trade Regulations (ITAR) and are governed by US government export control laws. This allows Body Armor Direct to adhere to strict quality control measures at every stage of production. Although NIJ Level III certified Spartan AR550 Full Body Single Curve Plates are NIJ Level III certified, rest assured they are made from AR550 ballistic steel and have been tested for Level III + Special Threats. [Sources: 0, 6]

Build-Up Coating is 1/4 inch of Rhino Linings applied to the impact surface of the armature plate to reduce spatter. When the bullet passes through the sleeve and hits the armor plate, the fragments fall between the armor plate and the storage layer of the sleeve. The hard plate is virtually impenetrable when tested for cut and puncture with knives and sharp objects. [Sources: 23]

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